Privacy Policy

This policy was last updated 10 July 2022


Your privacy is important to us and we aim to look after your data. The information in this policy states how Flowabl uses and processes your data (emails, chat, integrations, etc.) when you create an account with us.

Please review the Terms of Use to further understand the rules and regulations for the use of Flowabl.

If you need to contact us with questions, email us at

Personal Data

We store your email address and name provided to us at registration through the login provider or as entered by you in your profile. This data is stored in US West on Microsoft Azure's platform and in Google's Firebase. The personal information shall be processed and stored for as long as required for the purpose they have been collected for, which is as long as you have an account with Flowabl.

Additional data provided for a subscription is provided directly to Stripe (our payments provider) and is as per their privacy policy.

To cancel your account and / or request the deletion of your data, you can do this through your account dashboard by logging in.

Service Providers

We integrate with a number of providers with which we share your personal data (as stated above) in order to provide our service.
StripePayments processor (email address and name) and other details (such as payment information) that you provide direct to Stripe at subscription time.CrispChat system (email address)PostmarkTransactional email provider (email address)
Google SSOAuthentication provider (email address)

Slack App

If you are using the Slack, we will receive your Slack ID and use that to retrieve your email address and name from Slack when you perform an interaction with the Flowabl Slack App.

We do not store any additional information about your personally, we only use these details to contextualise the response and to retrieve matching User information in our systems by looking up your email address.

The only details we do store per workspace is the Slack authentication token provided when you authorize the Slack App access to your Slack Workspace.